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Job Oriented Training

Best Hands on Practical Training in Cutting Edge Technologies.

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LogicPro is a Certiport Authorized Testing Centre for Microsoft Office, MTA, Adobe Associate and AutoDesk.

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Summer Training|Winter Training

Machine Learning, J2SE, J2EE, Python, Android, .NET, PHP, Embedded System, Matlab, Digital Marketing ,Robotics , Ethical Hacking.

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Java /Java EE

Java is a simple, object oriented, concurrent and general purpose programming language.
Some other important features of java are robust, secure, portable, interactive and high performance. 

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 since then it has become very popular due to its feature like platform independent and robust in the case of memory management.

It will make you surprised when you know that today, around 1.2 billion desktops runs java

We have a highly qualified team of A java professionals who have been training students in java for over more than 2 years and more than 450 students. We have also assisted students in making project and thesis in various domains, using java .

We have designed the java  course content to suit the needs of students of different domains and branches to suit their demands and needs.


Core Java 4/6 weeks:

Course Contents (Click here for PDF)

Basics of Java | OOPS Conecpts | String Handling | Exception Handling | Nested Classes | Multithreading | Synchronization | Input and output | Serialization | Networking | AWT and EventHandling | Swing | LayoutManagers  | Applet  |  Reflection API | Collection |  JDBC  | Java New Features | Internationalization

Advance Java 4/6  weeks:

Course Contents (Click here for PDF)

Basics of Servlet | ServletRequest | Servlet Collaboration | ServletContext | Attribute | Session Tracking | Event and Listener | Filter | ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream | Annotation Servlet | Project Development | Basics of JSP | Scripting elements | 9 Implicit Objects | Directive Elements | Exception Handling | Action Elements | Expression Language | MVC in JSP  |  JSTL | Custom tags | Project Development in JSP | JavaMail API | Design Pattern | JUnit | Maven | Basics of Struts2 | Core Components | Struts 2 Architecture | Struts2 Action | Struts2 Configuration | Interceptors | Struts 2 Validation | Aware Interfaces | Struts2 with I18N | Zero Configuration | Struts2 with Tiles2 | Hibernate with Struts2 | Spring with Struts2 | Project Development in Struts2 | IDE | Servers | Introduction to JavaEE | Introduction to EJB3 | Developing Session Beans | Using Dependency Injection | JMS | Message Driven Beans | Persistence Introduction to JPA | HTML 5   |  CSS  | Javascript  |  JQuery  | AJAX



Summer Training Programs

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M.Tech Dissertation/Thesis

Thesis writing is an essential part of graduate and postgraduate degree.It is a reflection of ones efforts and is sought after during interviews. Thus it becomes very important for the […]

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Industrial Training

” Knowing is not enough, we must  apply ”   – Leonardo da Vinci The cut-throat competition today demands not only qualification from the students but some technical know-how as well. […]

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Software|Website Development

We carry our in-depth knowledge and expertise in software and web application development for fulfilling the ever increasing demand of the client requirement in marketplace. At  LogicPro InfoSystems, Web development […]

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BTECH Projects

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